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Leveraging Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA) for Gender and Gender-based Violence (GBV) Outcomes in the MENA Region (Regional)
The workshops will focus on CVA for GBV outcomes within and outside of GBV case management and GBV considerations in CVA delivery when using CVA within the protection sector to achieve GBV outcomes. The objectives of the workshop series are:
To generate awareness of and familiarity with global guidance and tools
To support contextualization of global guidance and tools through sharing of lessons learned and processes taken to uptake of existing field resources
To document and elevate lessons learned from the development of standard operating procedures for CVA-integrated GBV case management;
To support strengthening of referral pathways and de-siloing of CVA and GBV coordination mechanisms to further CVA for gender and GBV outcomes in specific operational contexts
To engage key sectors, including Health/SRH, with CVA modalities and donors for a broader perspective of the many different ways survivors of GBV and those at risk could be supported with CVA.


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